Customer Support


If you encounter any problems with our apps, please let us know. Unlike some big companies out there, we really do care!
We try our best to help our customers as quickly as possible.

We always answer your support requests, so if you haven't recieved a reply from us it may have been blocked by your email service's spam filter.

1) Check in your Spam/Junk/Bulk folder/box to see if our reply is there.

2) If possible, adjust your spam filter to allow mail from all senders or add our domain (or support email address) to any list of approved senders you might have.
After this is done, please re-send your support request to us.


Email your support request by clicking/tapping below:

Installation/Updating Problems

This rarely happens, but if your are having trouble downloading, installing or updating one of our apps, please wait a few hours and try again (uninstall first if necessary).
Most installation issues are actually solved this way, provided that your computer/device meets the minimum requirements!